Oscar Pistorius Seen Shooting In Gun Range Video

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Newly released video shows Oscar Pistorius, who faces a murder trial next week, firing weapons at a gun range before the double-amputee athlete fatally shot his girlfriend last year.

Sky News on Friday broadcast footage of Pistorius firing a shotgun and using a pistol to shoot a watermelon, which bursts on impact. Delighted screams and laughter are heard in the background. Sky News is also broadcasting audio of a man it says "sounds very much" like Pistorius who comments on the shattered watermelon. The man says: "It's a lot softer than brain but... it's like a zombie stopper."

Pistorius' trial starts Monday. The prosecution says Pistorius had a fight with girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp before killing her in his home last year. He says he mistook her for a nighttime intruder.